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                                                      EXECUTIVE RESUME

Kudos !!  You have reached the pinnacle of success in your chosen field and are looking to continue your success.

Best Results Resume Services  executive resumes are custom designed for Executive Level Management, including Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, as well as Senior Executive Managers.

An executive resume is unique due to the number of achievements and accomplishments that a typical executive has achieved over the span of their career.  We tailor each resume to highlight our client's key strengths in areas including, but not limited to:

Business Planning                                           Operational Execution

Strategic Planning & Development                  Forecasting / Budgeting

Personnel Training & Development                 Project Management

Capital Improvement                                        Inventory Management

Competitive Analysis                                        Market Positioning & Client Branding

Mergers & Acquisitions                                     Startup Businesses & Joint Ventures

Best Results Resume Services has on staff former Fortune 500 Directors and Managers who will consult with you to understand your future career aspirations.  Using this knowledge, our writers will design a resume that showcases your strengths and accomplishments to capture the attention of Executive Recruiters and Senior Hiring Managers.


Executive Level Resume

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